Welcome To the Next Chapter.

I do want to share my view of what I want the world to be.

Trust me when I tell you that people are putting in extra effort into numbing themselves from facts on social media platforms now, just like they did with TV, remember when we started hearing from a lot of people "I don't watch the news/politics/etc......". Well, the next step in that social interaction evolution for a lot of people is to slowly eliminate any form of communication that differs from their beliefs/way of thinking, in a futile attempt to control the temperature of their environment. It does seem from my viewpoint futile and uninspired to have taken the approach that a lot of people have either taken or deferred to, with the approach of not thinking about or discussing subjects outside of their own personal beliefs/ways of thinking/ways of doing. I am changing my approach up a little bit because of the backlash I have received, as an attempt to see progress in people I care about, because they are fighting their own positive growth, in my opinion. It's difficult to explain why I care about humanity on a personal level, and I want to understand why everyone doesn't have the attachment I instinctually have. I am really liking how my material on stage is forming together right now. I am talking about behaviors and consequences more than I am attacking individuals and their beliefs and ways of action. I guess I'm saying that I am purveying the same motives, it's just in a smarter more effective way. I don't like "people", I love and appreciate individuals, because people are stupid, individuals can overcome the natural human ignorance by being an active participant in the conversations of life. I am attempting to prove to myself and the world that we as people can always find a way to get on the same page if our effort to get on the same page is equal and the goal is coming to an understanding instead of putting up numbers on an invisible scoreboard. Noticing that people have shared with me that they have sometimes felt that I am trying to push my values and beliefs onto them in an almost competitive way, as if I was grading myself on my ability to convert them. Nobody wants things put upon them without their permission and that was never my goal, therefore it is my responsibility to make changes to myself, so that I have a more positive presence among other people, which will always lead to positive things. Feeling good about the interactions we have with other people is a personal goal that I can't see leading to anything other than an improved environment. I am doing all of the things that I am doing to make myself a better person, a better husband, and hopefully a good parent and example for my daughter.

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