Welcome To the Next Chapter.

First Post, New Approach

It is nice to have reached this point of my life where I am good at what I do and get paid to do it, I have found real and true love, I am going to be a Dad. I know that people talk a lot about the grind and hustle in life, I just have to laugh a little inside, because in my case, being a consistent representation of myself is what I have been blessed with knowing is all I need to succeed. I have been told my whole life that there is something outside of myself that I "don't understand yet" or "your young, you'll see". Truth/Success/Peace can only come from within. I get a peaceful feeling knowing that I am Proud of my Life and I have full ownership. I am thankful for this Life that I get to live, for the partner Chayna Riley that I get to love and grow with, for the health of my soon to be born child and family. I have faith without rules other than my instinctual own, direction without a worldly compass, aspirations and passion that is based solely on the basis of finding true peace. It is not disrespectful to proudly take full ownership of your existence. FORGET THE FORMULA! I am glad you have decided to give my thoughts a look, thank you. I thoroughly enjoy performing on all of the different stages that I get to perform on, but I need to have an outlet where I can pontificate on any subject matter I feel like covering at the moment when it pops in my head without the worry of it fitting into the mold of pleasing an audience that has paid to enjoy a show. I am a hyper-vigilante person, I can't shut my brain off, which is a blessing for creativity, a curse for relaxation. This Blog page will be my outlet to show my journey as a husband, Dad, entertainer, and citizen of the world. It's going to be interesting. My late Grandma asked me to do this a long time ago, so since I am naming my about to be born daughter Veda Belle Riley, with the Belle being in honor of her, I am going to start keeping a record of my experiences and my thoughts to show respect for this life that I have been given. Please check back daily. I am going to make this the place to mull over and share my thoughts, and I will quit sharing on other forms of social media because I only want to be sharing what I am thinking with willing readers, I am not trying to force my opinions on people, because I do have an opinion on everything.

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